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Georgia inspects nearly 800 trucks in three day blitz, hundreds of citations issued
Officers with the Georgia Department of Public Safety (DPS) issued hundreds of citations and out...
By MEGA MISTAKES 2021-04-20 15:48:41 0 584
Houston highway closed due to ‘pavement failure’, tolls waived
Transportation officials in Houston closed a major highway due to major structural damage. The...
By MEGA MISTAKES 2021-04-19 22:20:31 0 1151
Recent rise in accident attributed to ‘people wanting to get out and drive fast’
Midwestern trucking experts say a recent rise in traffic accidents may have something to do with...
By MEGA MISTAKES 2021-07-25 14:39:53 0 784
Thousands expected at wake for NYPD officer killed in the line of duty
GREENLAWN, Long Island - Hundreds are expected at a wake Monday for NYPD Officer Anastasios...
By Truck Drivers Life 2021-05-03 17:40:41 0 190
List reveals states with the rudest drivers in 2021
A recently released list exposed the states that are home to the rudest drivers. Insurify, an...
By MEGA MISTAKES 2021-05-03 21:28:27 0 862